Order Entry and Invoicing

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Order Entry




Consignment Billing

The Consignment Billing program is designed to work in conjuntion with Order Entry and Verification.


You initally enter the order into Order Entry flagging the order as a consignment order. You utilize Verification - Invoicing to confirm shipment or picking discrepancies. And Consignment Billing to verify the merchandise is returned or remains with the customer and an invoice generated.



Specific Order Release

Specific Order Release allows the manual release of backordered items on a specific order and is used to produce a Picking Ticket for merchandise that has recently became available.


Items on separate releases may be combined using this procedure creating a single shipment.



Verification - Invoicing

Verification - Invoicing is used after the picking process has been completed, used to prepare releases for invoice processing and enter picking discrepancies. The remaining quantities will either remain on backorder for subsequent processing or be cancelled.




Shipping Update

The Shipping Update is used to update the Release and MDS System with freight information downloaded from UPS, Fedex, etc,



Invoice and Credit Memo Voids

Invoice and Credit Memo Voids produre is used to void or re-instate an invoice or credit memo.



One-Step Invoicing

One-Step Invoicing process is utilized when a customer desires a combination picking/invoicing to be prepared simultaneously. If you are utilzing backorders during One-Step Invoicing any backorders will be updated to the Order record.



Credit Memo Processing

Credit Memo Processing process is provided to credit the customer for returned merchandise, defective material, price discrepancies, etc. The program provides the option whether or not to update inventory.



Return Authorizations

The Return Authorization Menu gives the user access to Return Authorization Entry, Approval and Receipts as well as Inquiries and Reporting functions.


This module is designed to allow the ability to create, approve and receive merchandise.



Quote Entry

Quote Entry is utilized to create a Quote that can be sent to the customer as a basis for a price quotation. It is similar to Order Entry with the important difference that no files get updated by this program and item availability is not reduced. If desired, the Quote can be converted to an order.



Backorder Priority Changes

Backorder Priority Changes procedure is used to change the priorities on outstanding backorders. It allows the user to allocate merchandise to backorders as desired.



Credit Hold/Price Hold Review

Credit Hold/Price Hold Review menu option allows the user to select and remove orders and/or releases from credit hold as well as review and remove releases from price hold.



Transfer Entry

Transfer Entry programs is used to enter the transfer request. In this order entry like procedure, the shipping and receiving warehouses are identified, and the products and quantities required are input. The transfer to warehouse must be set up as a customer. Normal availability checking and backorder handling occur as with customer orders. The transfer is issued at cost. As a result of transfer entry, a picking document for the shippable merchandise is created and backorders established for the non shippable portion.


Verification is utilized after shipment. Inventory in the sending warehouse is reduced at the time of shipment.


Two options are available with regards to the updating of the inventory at the receiving warehouse. The update may be immediate if a computerized remote receiving procedure is not desired.



Release Preview

Release Preview procedure is used to view all line items of releases prior to the picking ticket print. The user has the ability to backorder a release, remove invoice complete flag from a release and remove ship complete flag from a release.



Backorder Allocation and Release

The Backorder Allocation and Release Menu gives the user access to Future Order Conversion, Order Allocation and Release Processing and Manual Order Allocation.



Backorder Cancel



Order Maintenance

Order Maintenance provides the ability to modify existing customer orders and backorders on the initial order/release. The operation of the program is identical to order entry, and uses the same screens and options.


Order preview is only available if a second release has not been created and the first release has not been verified.




Release Maintenance

Release Maintenance allows modification to a specific release. The module's primary use is to release shipments from price hold or make corrections so a release can be invoiced.

The program allows changes to price, discount, cost, and the manual removal of the price hold flag.




Order Template Maintenance

Order Template Maintenance program is used to create a memo order for customers that repeatedly order the same merchandise. Once created, order entry or your website will allow you to call in the template and add or delete products and/or quantities to it.

Please note that the order template maintenance program does not affect inventory, sales, billing, etc. This is strictly a transaction that can be utilized in order entry and web order entry to quickly enter orders for customers who order the same items again and again.


The template can then be linked to a customer through Customer Detail Maintenance and then can order for that customer utilizing the template.




Quote Maintenance

Quote Maintenance provides the ability to modify existing quote's. If desired, the quote can be converted to an actual order if the quotation is accepted by the customer.



Quote Conversion to Order

Quote Conversion to Order procedure is to convert a previously entered quote into an actual order. The conversion will check availability and create a release record for the

products that can be shipped. After conversion, the quote may be left on file or deleted.



Batch Quote Conversion to Order

Batch Quote Conversion to Order procedure is to convert multiple previously entered quotes into an actual order. The conversion will check availability and create a release record for the products that can be shipped.


The user has the options to do a batch conversion by customers, dates and the quote may be left on file or deleted.



Quote Duplication

Quote Duplication procedure gives the user the ability to duplicate a Quote from one customer to another or duplicate an Order to a Quote.



Transfer Maintenance

Transfer Maintenance program provides the ability to modify existing transfer orders and backorders. The operation of the program is identical to order entry, and uses the same screens and options.


1. Preview - In this mode, an initial release can be reviewed and modified prior to initial shipment. Of particular significance, both the Order and Release records are

maintained as a by product of the preview maintenance.


2. Maintenance - In this mode transfer backorders may be modified or canceled. - BUT NOT RELEASED.



Document Prints

The Document Prints Menu gives the user access to Print and Reprint Pick Tickets, Packing Slips, Order Confirmations, Quotes, and Invoices.



Freight Audit Maintenance

Freight audit Maintenance provides the ability to maintain specific freight audit records. This is based off of the automated shipping system.




Box Freight Maintenance

Box Freight Maintenance provides the abilty to add additional shipping information to a specific release that has been thru the automated shipping system.



Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Management Menu gives the user access to multiple warehouse functions; Location Maintenance, Adjustments, Movements, and Reporting, Purchase Order Receipts Menu, Replenishments, Pick Ticket Assignment Inquiry and Update, Verification and Shipping Update, Manifest System, Quick Count Inventory Menu, Pack Labels and various Reports.



Void Shipment

Void Shipment provides the ability to void a shipment. Please note you sill need to void the transaction from your shipping provider (ex: UPS, FedEX, etc).



Memorized Orders



Manual Order Hold Maintenance

Manual Order Hold Maintenance allows the user to review, select and remove orders from manual hold. Once an order is removed from manual hold the user has the ability to print, fax or email the pick ticket utilizing the Print function key.



Invoice Error Maintenance

Invoice Error Maintenance provides the ability to change the Terms Code for a specific release.



Review Shipments on Price Hold



Verify and Invoice Immediate



Change Customer Po#