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Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Management Menu gives the user access to multiple warehouse functions; Location Maintenance, Adjustments, Movements, and Reporting, Purchase Order Receipts Menu, Replenishments, Pick Ticket Assignment Inquiry and Update, Verification and Shipping Update, Manifest System, Quick Count Inventory Menu, Pack Labels and various Reports.



Inventory Reports

The Inventory Reports Menu gives the user access to various Inventory Transaction Registers, Inventory Status Reports; Stock Status, Purchasing Report by Vendor, Below ROP, and various Inventory Inquiries and Arcos Acquisitions and Dispositions Transaction Reports.



Physical Inventory Procedures

The Physical Inventory Procedures Menu gives the user access to the Physical Inventory process.



Procedural Help:

Physical Inventory Checklist / Quick List


1. Complete invoicing and run an end of day. This will update the on-hand for these products.

2. Create the cycle count(s), using the Create Cycles and Tags for Count option.

3. Print the physical inventory tags, using the Print Physical Inventory Tags option.

4. Freeze the on-hand balance using Freeze On-Hand Balances by Cycle. This procedure will copy the on hand quantity to the frozen quantity in the product detail records.

5. Perform the inventory counts.

6. Enter the tag counts by using Physical Inventory Tag Entry.

7. Run the Missing Physical Inventory Tag report. This will show all that do not have a count yet.

8. The Physical Inventory Tag List report should be run to review the tags and the count.

9. Perform Physical Inventory Tag Maintenance on any tags that need to be changed.

10. Run the Physical Inventory Variance Update to calculate the difference between the frozen quantity and the count.

11. Run the Variance Report:

a. If you are using the Location system, then you must run the Lot/Location Variance Report.

b.If you are NOT using the Location system, then you must run the Physical Inventory Variance Report.

12. Run the Uncounted Items report. This will indicate any products that do not have an entered count yet.

13. Run the Negative On-Hand report. This will indicate any products that will have a negative on-hand after the variance has been updated.

14. Perform any corrections through Physical Inventory Tag Maintenance. After the tag maintenance is completed, the variance update(s), the variance report, and the negative on-hand report can be run.

15. When the physical inventory is correct, the Physical Inventory On-Hand Update is performed. The current on hand balances will be adjusted based on the variance. THIS PROCEDURE IS NOT REVERSIBLE AND IS RUN ONLY ONCE.

16. If you wish to purge old cycle count information, run the Physical Inventory Purge. THIS PROCEDURE IS NOT REVERSIBLE.


Miscellaneous WMS Functions

The Miscellaneoud WMS Functions gives the user access to Non Purchase Order Receipts Posting, Inventory Adjustments (not using Location control), Transfer Billing Receipts Posting, Transfer Receiver Print, Average Cost Adjustment, Location Receive Date Maint and Pandemic Replenishments.



Return to Vendor Selector

The Return to Vendor Selector gives the user access to Vendor Return Entry and Maintenance and Printing of Vendor Return forms.